November 2019 


Is there a tech-savvy person who would be able to set up the laptop and projector for the ART APPRECIATION group which meets in Sheringham on the fourth Wednesday morning of the month? Nicky Diggle would be delighted to hear from you ( 01263 825696, or  email: You would be rewarded with interesting talks and delicious biscuits.

The BEGINNERS GENEALOGY group is on hold until February 2020 whilst Group Contact Margaret Hayday is on an extended holiday. Existing member of the group can email Margaret for advice, but no new members can be accepted for the time being.

Tony Piper is away for a month until mid-November.  In his absence Les Hogg will take calls for the NATURAL WORLD group on 01263 861623, or just go along to the meeting at the Copeman Centre in Briston - 10 am until noon on 19 November.


ARCHAEOLOGY is a group of about 70 members who are interested, at an amateur level, in archaeology. Meetings take place monthly at Blakeney Village Hall with a programme of interesting speakers, plus occasional visits to local excavations or places with archaeological connections. The group can take up to 10 new members are you would be especially welcome if you would be interested in helping the group move forward with new ideas, and to participate in its running.

The group gathers at 10.00 am for coffee and ends at about midday. You are welcome to turn up on the day or contact Jenny Cocker at

BIOGRAPHIES 2 meets on the second afternoon of the month at The Lawns Hotel in Holt in a very informal atmosphere. Group Contact Sue Rosser would welcome a couple more members,

The CHESS group would welcome 1 or 2 new members. The group meets on Wednesday mornings in members’ homes. A basic level of competence is needed Contact Edward Hackford for more information Edward is also offering basic tuition to complete beginners.

CREATIVE WRITING 1 meets on the second Friday morning of the month in members’ homes and is looking for another member. Group contact is Caroline Fitzgerald, email:,  phone 01263 711343.

CURRENT AFFAIRS   Do you follow the news?  Does it sometimes make you feel happy, sad, angry or confused, or maybe even all of these at the same time?  If so, this may be the group for you. The first half of each session focuses on a topic agreed in advance so that members can read about it before the discussion.  The second half looks at news stories in press cuttings that members bring with them.  UK issues have included Brexit, housing, education, transport and land use and ownership.  Internationally, we have looked at Russia, the US-China trade war and fake news. Discussions are lively but members always respect each other’s views, even when they disagree – which they often do!

It’s a small, friendly group and would really like a few more people to join.  All that is asked is that you have an interest in current events and come along prepared to participate in discussions.

The group meets in members’ homes at 2.15 on the second Monday of each month. If you’d like to join, or just to find out more, please email

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY – This group has the capacity to welcome as many new members as would like to join. The group meets on the third Friday of the month at High Kelling Village Hall. Doors open at 14.00 with a 14.15 start. All abilities are welcome – no competitions, no judgements but helpful, friendly advice is always on hand. The first session free so why not go along. Just turn up or email the Group Contact Joyce Gilbert

The FOODIE group would welcome a couple more members. The group meets on the third Monday afternoon of the month. Contact Rosemary Bryden for more information 01263 861625.

GENEALOGY – BEGINNERS Researching your family doesn’t have to be just about collecting names and dates, it’s about your history, where your family came from, how did they live, what work did they do? If you’re a complete beginner this small group can give you a good start.  Contact Margaret Hayday for more information,

GENEALOGY – SHERINGHAM meets on the fourth Friday morning of the month. Contact John Bryden for more information 01263 861625.

KNITTERS AND STITCHERS welcomes new members. The group meets on the first Monday afternoon of the month at Cley Village Hall. At their September meeting the group will have a crochet lesson, so bring hooks, yarns and beads! Group contact is Maureen Lait 01263 740794

TEN PIN BOWLING is a great way to relax and let off steam! The group meets on the first Friday afternoon of the month, alternating between Fakenham and North Walsham. The next meeting is on Friday 6 September in Fakenham. Group contact is Rosine Hunt