Are you interested in philosophy?

Parvez Shaheen has recently joined North Norfolk U3A from Beccles where he ran their philosophy group. We welcome his offer to start a new group here.

The proposed group would meet monthly to discuss the big ideas and dilemmas that have concerned and interested people for thousands of years. It will consider how the issues affect our lives today and look at the writings of philosophers and other thinkers through the ages.

This sounds daunting but you do NOT need to have any previous exposure to philosophy, just an interest in philosophy and ideas, and a willingness to do some reading each month.

Initially all meetings will have to be virtual, using zoom. A ‘kick off’ meeting, for members who are interested, will be held on Wed 2 December at 14:30. If you are interested, please let Jo Wells know by emailing her using

She will ensure you receive an invitation with instructions.