Halls are looking at how and when they can re-open under the ’new normal‘ conditions. Some may be open in September or October.

This means that some groups may be able to relaunch and return to their normal meeting time and place.

Each hall will set their own rules around capacity and sanitation. Clearly, we need to understand how this affects the group and consider any changes needed from the group perspective.

If you think you would like to restart, please contact me for information on the hall you use. I will help you with a risk assessment based on the hall and your group.

If the capacity of the hall you use is insufficient, we may be able to use different room or hall.

At present, meetings inside homes are not allowed. However, if your group would like to use a hall instead, please get in touch and we will try to find somewhere. If you have ideas yourself, even better.

We have managed to restart some groups which meet outside: petanque, bird watching. Walking is under review.

For the summer and in good weather the Reading Circle 2 group is meeting in a garden.

Other groups are keeping on contact with email and ZOOM discussions.

Each group is different, and all will still have to go through a U3A risk assessment. Most of the rules are common sense. I am available to help with completing the necessary forms.

Do NOT HESITATE to ask for advice –