On a bright spring morning I was delighted to attend the March meeting of the Play Reading 3 Group, hosted by group contact Jan Gilling.Along with 7 other members of the group I very much enjoyed reading a part in the second half of Bill Naughton’s Spring and Port Wine. The group had read the first half of the play at a previous group meeting and after introductions we cracked on with the story, with me reading the part of Betsy Jane.I thoroughly enjoyed my morning with a group of enthusiastic friends, who are clearly very experienced play readers, and was quickly drawn into the action. I did appreciate having the opportunity to meet the members and participate in their reading.I was interested to learn it was the 64th play they have read and last year they were involved in a court room drama reconstruction arranged by a member of the True Crime Group.At the moment, I understand the group is not seeking new members but if, in future, the opportunity arises I would happily recommend this warm and friendly group.

Peggy Williams – Vice Chair