Whilst  producing the film of Mary Wade, I was able to obtain the actual trial records, I approached Jan the contact for the NNU3A Play Reading group, to ask if they would provide the voice overs for the trial, they agreed and gave such a wonderful performance, that it truly made the  film come to life, which I thank them for.

I also made a short power point about our NNU3A, the Wanneroo ladies were amazed how many interest groups we have, although their Wanneroo U3A membership is small in numbers compared to ours, approximately 70, never the less they are a very active and very welcoming group.

Stephanie was interested in the psychology group that I belong to, and from the talk we had about it, she has since started a philosophy group, using one of the many TED talks on You Tube that I mentioned might be helpful to her.

We continue to exchange emails, and update each other on progress of our individual groups, and has asked when I return to Australia, to visit the Wanneroo U3A,  which I will most certainly  do.

Although 9,000 miles apart we have in a small way brought together two U3A groups, Wanneroo and North Norfolk.