Emblematic of national pride and strength,used on state occasionsin the form of the Crown Jewels, precious gemstones are seen in portraits of monarchs through out the centuries as a statement of sovereignty and authority their importance signified by their rarity.

Our talk encompassed the varied types of gemstones, their origins, characteristics; we learned about how the high value of Diamonds is linked to the huge costs of mining and they are also available in a surprising variety of colours; Corundum is the mineral from which ruby and sapphires are formed; Beryl is the base compound of emeralds, aquamarines and morganite which has become very popular in America.  

Quartz, category of “semi-precious” gemstones, so named due to the fact they are easier to find and in many more places than the rarer gemstones. Some examples of quartzincluding amethyst, citrine and tiger’s eye were available for us to examine closely throughout the talk.

It became clear Jason loves his subject and his talk imparted enthusiasm and zeal and could very easily have extended far beyond the time available.  We had only just begun to touch on the topic of Pearls – which count among organic gemstones along with coral, jet and ivory, and are a topic on their own.

The talk was enthusiastically received and members were keen to know more from Jason after the talk had finished.  Gemstones are an extremely interesting topic, of which we have only scratched the surface.

Peggy Williams

Vice Chairman

15 May, 2019