The talk is being given by Dr Ian Bedford, an entomologist based in Norwich.

Mention wasps and most of us think of an annoying, angry yellow and black striped flying insect that delivers a painful sting when confronted.  However, there's around 9000 different wasp species in Britain and their value to us is immense. We'd certainly have a lot of problems without them. This talk explains why. Dr Bedford ran the Entomology Department at the John Innes Centre in Norwich until he retired and now works as an independent consultant entomologist offering advice on safer plant protection products, and he promotes wildlife friendly home gardening. He is also a well known speaker to Garden Clubs, Horticultural Societies and National Garden Shows, and has appeared on TV and Radio, in Gardening and News programmes, and even in Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule when "Killer Slugs Returned to Norwich"