The date is 1836, the place a small mission station in San Antonio Texas. Meet William Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett and hear the real story as the station was besieged by the Mexican Army and the events which led to the state of Texas being formed.

Edward, a past Chairman of NNU3A and member of the Thinkers group describes the extraordinary life of Isaac Newton from his origins in an  unremarkable Lincolnshire village home, deserted by his mother and brought up by his grandparents, to becoming one of the most important scientific thinkers  in history.

What does an upmarket Inn in Burnham market, a cricket club off the coast of Croatia and the Venetian city of Cattaro have in common. The answer is Sir William Hoste, maritime hero and contemporary of Nelson whose exploits and some extraordinary adventures in the Adriatic are recounted by our speaker.

The Anglian Water talk is interactive, discussing various challenges which they face as a water company such as smart metering, climate change, and priority service register.

We have also asked them to cover vulnerability to drought, any sea discharges of sewage, surface water flooding due to inadequate drains and sewers, OFWAT rating of service.

Steve Tonkin is a well know astronomer and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.  The talk examines the state of play with respect to the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence and potentially inhabitable exoplanets.

John Vigar explores the architectural writings and opinions of much-loved poet John Betjeman and the huge impact which they had on public perception of our built heritage.

Mike Green past Development Director at Birmingham Hippodrome, member of NNU3A Music Appreciation and Jazz groups presents a selection of musical pieces from around the world with seasonal flavour.                                                                    

Genealogy Group - Stephen Dyer - Early 20th Century Family and Social History

Stephen Dyer is a national expert subject advisor for genealogy for the U3A. The Genealogy Group have arranged for him to give this talk on early 20th century family and social history. The 1930s, an era of defining events that would change the course of many families for decades to come. Victory in 1918 inspired a robust sense of patriotism, yet the inner war years were marked by class conflict and inequality and living through the depression in the 1930s.

Peter is a retired Scotland Yard Police Officer and is now a tutor in history. He lives in Norfolk and has become a popular U3A speaker on local and London history.

Steve and Carol Robson perform a mixture of songs and will reveal their stories and mysteries.

Jeremy Prescott explains the introduction of the highest award for gallantry, the stories behind awards to some of the recipients from WW1 To Afghanistan and some of the influences which make the medal so exceptional.